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Metabolic Rate Testing


Find out exactly how many calories your body requires to lose, maintain or gain weight.

A printout of your individual results will include the following:

During a post test consultation we will dive into exactly what these results mean to you in a simple easy to understand explanation.

A test suitable for any individual looking to understand their daily calorie needs. 

Our Korr Medical equipment uses what is known as indirect calorimetry, this calculates an individual’s resting metabolic rate by measuring the amount of oxygen inhaled and exhaled per unit of time. You will be seated in a comfy position and asked to answer a few questions regarding your lifestyle and activity levels. You will then be required to breath into our machine whilst wearing a nose clip for approximately 15 minutes. It’s that simple!


Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) – £65

VO2 Max Bike Test – £90

VO2 Max Run Test – £90

1 VO2 Max Test + 1 RMR Test – £120

VO2 Max Bike + VO2 Max Run + RMR Test – £170

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is a measure of how much energy or calories the body needs in order to maintain basic bodily functions during a rested state. It essentially tells you how many calories your body needs to survive if you were to simply sit in a chair all day

Many factors can affect your RMR including; age, gender, the use of drugs/stimulants including caffeine, genetics, body mass and even environmental factors.

If you have an active lifestyle or you regularly undertake exercise you will require a greater intake of energy/calories. Be aware that unless you are an elite athlete these may be less than you think!

By knowing exactly how many calories your body needs you can begin to plan your calorie intake to help you reach your goals. We recommend doing some tracking such as keeping a food diary, not neccessarily all the time but for a few days at a time it can really shine a light on mistakes you are making and changes that can be made. 

Yes, there are several formulas you can use to calculate an estimated metabolic rate however, these do not provide you with the accuracy of the indirect calorimeter used by EnduraprepIf your predicted calorie intake was out by 200 calories for example, that could equate to 21 lbs or 9.5kg gained over a year!

Many products such as green teas, spicy foods and coffee will claim they can increase metabolism however, there is little evidence to support these claims. The most effective way to improve metabolism is simply to move more. Aerobic and strength training are both effective ways to boost your metabolism. Remember, muscle cells require more energy than fat cells, therefore the greater your muscle mass the faster your metabolism

Important Information

  • Appointments will last approximately 45 minutes.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK to be consumed 4 hours prior to testing (apart from water).
  • NO STIMULANTS to be consumed within 4 hours of testing including tea, coffee and cigarettes.
  • NO EXERCISE at all on the day of testing.




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