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Hassle free bike travel with our Bike Box Alan 'Easy AeroFit' bike boxes.

No removal of handlebar / TT bars, Just wheels and pedals.

Collection from Llandaff, North Cardiff, just five mintues from the M4.

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Bike Box Hire
Bike Box Hire

The Bike Box Alan Easy AeroFit is the biggest bike box available anywhere, so it should be no surprise that all triathlon and road bikes fit, with plenty of space for wet suits, shoes and Kit.

If you have a triathlon bike or the latest generation of aero road bikes with or without hydraulic disc brakes, generally all you only need to remove, is the wheels and pedals!

So if the TT handlebar or Road handlebar assembly can’t be dismantled. Or if you simply want the absolute minimum of component removal, this is the bike box for you.

Precious handlebar and seat settings can remain. Even hydration systems can generally stay in place. Packing can be achieved in as little as 5 minutes!

The Easyfit is also designed for regular road bikes, the larger enduro mountain bikes, gravel, and cyclocross bikes, plus some types of touring bikes. Simply the best box for flying with your bike.

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Llandaff North, Cardiff.